Moving & Storage Company Servicing Ellisburg, NY

Did you know Livingston Moving & Storage serves Watertown, NY and the surrounding communities, including Ellisburg? That’s right, our professional moving and storage team is here to help residents of Ellisburg and the rest of Jefferson county. Just a short drive away from our office and warehouses in Watertown, NY.

Moving to or from Ellisburg? Our professional moving team can help you make your move easier, faster, and stress free. Whether it’s a residential, military, commercial, or industrial move, our moving team is eager to make your moving experience as positive as possible!

Need space to store your personal belongings near Ellisburg? At Livingston Moving & Storage, we have over 24 million cubic feet of storage space so whatever you need to store, we’ve got the space for it! We’re not just flexible with space, we’re flexible with the temperature of your storage space as well! Many of our storage spaces are in climate controlled areas to protect all of your most precious, delicate items.

While we know your family has plenty of options in Jefferson county and the Watertown area, we appreciate the community that has supported our local business for the past 85+ years! When Ellisburg needs professional moving or storage services, they trust the best, they trust Livingston.

Proudly Serving the Greater-Watertown Area for Nearly a Century

We are a veteran owned, local moving & storage company with the expertise and capabilities to handle any moving or storage job, no matter how big! Our services not only include residential and military moving and storage, but we also serve commercial and industrial clients.